Electric Coffee Makers

One of the most commonly used appliances on everyone’s kitchen counter is the coffee maker.  These machines come in all kinds of sizes and types, from small electric coffee makers to electric perk coffee makers.  Using coffee makers is by far the most convenient method for making coffee.  Most people drink coffee in the morning, and this time of day happens to be when we are usually in a hurry.  The best electric coffee makers are those that are simple and quick to use.  When you have to rush off to work in the morning, you usually don’t have enough time to spend making coffee manually.  In addition, cleaning electric coffee makers is a quick and simple affair, which only takes a second.  In fact, many people even forget to clean their machines until they get home from work in the evening!

By far the most common machines that people use are electric drip coffee makers.  They are convenient and inexpensive, usually requiring nothing but ground coffee, water, and maybe a filter.  Some of them have other advanced features as well, such as electronic timers, built-in filters, or even attached grinders and espresso presses.  These coffee machines start at around $13, and can cost as much as $400 or more for top-of-the-line modes with the latest bells and whistles.

One of the latest types of coffee machines is the one cup electric coffee makers.  These nifty machines do exactly what their name suggests – they make exactly one perfect cup of coffee every time.  These coffee makers use pre-packed cups that come in a dizzying array of brands and flavors, and are simply dropped into the machine to be used only once.  There are specialty and brand name coffees, decaf, cappuccinos, and even teas and cocoa.  Many offices are choosing to use this type of coffee maker because they conveniently offer each person a choice of beverages.  The cups are called either k-cups or coffee pods, depending on which coffee maker you buy.

According to consumer based electric coffee makers reviews, one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands available today is GE.  General Electric coffee makers come in many different styles, from simple drip machines to fancy espresso makers.  These coffee makers can be found either in stores or online.  Most coffee makers are built with convenience in mind, but there are many other options for when you have lots of time and want to make your coffee a different way.

In the days before electricity, people relied on non electric coffee makers every day.  Although these require a little bit of extra effort than automatic machines, the coffee they produce is of great quality as well.  One of the simplest ways to make coffee without a machine is by using one of the non electric drip coffee makers available.  They are basically a cone made of either plastic or another material in which you put a paper coffee filter.  All you have to do is add the ground coffee, place the cone on top of a mug, and pour hot water on it.  The coffee automatically filters down and drips into the cup below.

vaccum coffee makerIf you are really a coffee connoisseur, you might want to consider using a vacuum coffee maker.  These ingenious contraptions are also known as siphon coffee makers, and work by heating the water in a glass sphere until it reaches the boiling point.  It then automatically travels upward, through a narrow tube, and into the upper glass compartment that contains the ground coffee.  At this point, the heat source is removed, and the coffee returns to the lower container and can be poured out.  The result of using this method is usually a stronger cup of coffee.  There are even electric vacuum coffee makers that operate this way without the need for open flames underneath the lower container.

With so many different types of machines out there, how do you choose?  You can start by thinking about your needs and how much money you can spend on a coffee maker.  You can compare the different machines in each price range and choose a model that is right for you.  Surely there is a coffee maker out there that is perfect just for you