The Best Cheap Electric Coffee Makers

You asked for it, so here it is:  Here is a list of the top 3 electric coffee makers that cost less than $25.  There is a huge demand for cheap coffee makers, and to fill this demand, there is indeed a massive supply of these inexpensive machines to satisfy the masses.  Some cheap coffee machines are absolute rubbish.  Others can actually produce great quality coffee despite their low cost.  This is a review of the best of the best machines according to customer satisfaction.

  1. Coming in at #1 is the  Black & Decker Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker This little gem is perfect for making coffee for one.  It brews the coffee into its own to-go travel mug, so you can just grab it and take off without another thought.  It will even turn itself off if you forget.  Toss in a built-in filter, which eliminates the need for those pesky paper filters, and you have one hell of a deal for $21.99
  2. At the second spot we have the Elite Cuisine 4-Cup Pause-‘n-Serve Coffeemaker This is pretty much your basic, all-around coffee maker at a cheap price.  It isn’t exactly chock full of features, but at $18.50 you can’t expect much.  They did manage to toss in a nifty pause-n-serve function, which lets you stop the machine mid-brew and pour yourself a cup without coffee spilling out all over the heating disk.  The folks at Elite Cuisine were even nice enough to throw in a free coffee scoop and a built-in filter too.
  3. At number three, I managed to find the absolute cheapest electric coffee maker that I could find.  Now,  you might be able to find a better one at a garage sale, or maybe your bank will toss one to you if you deposit $100,000 in a CD, but the Proctor Silex 12 Cup Coffeemaker
    is as cheap as they come if you want to buy a new machine.  Despite its low, low price, it actually boasts a few features that make it seem better than our #2 pick (but it didn’t have as good a customer rating).  It can pump out a full 12 cups of coffee, which is large enough to energize a small army.  This machine says it features a “unique hydro-clean system”, but I can’t figure out what that actually does.  Maybe it cleans itself.  I’ll have to get one to try it out.  You will have to pick up a pack of disposable coffee filters to use in this one, as it doesn’t come with a built in filter.

There you have it folks, the top three electric coffee makers you can get your mitts on for less than $25.  Enjoy!