Make Great Tasting Coffee at Home with an Electric Coffee Maker

Though many consider coffee purchased at a coffee shop to be of better quality, perfect home-brewed coffee is easily obtainable.   A number of factors are involved in determining the outcome quality of coffee brewed in an electric coffee maker.


Buy Organic Coffee Beans

Did you know that coffee plants are sprayed with more pesticides than any other agricultural crop?  Unless you want to consume these chemicals, opt for an organic whole bean coffee.  They are available everywhere good coffee is sold these days—from specialty coffee stores to supermarkets.  You can also find them right here.

Buy Whole Coffee Beans

Always buy whole coffee beans at the store and grind them yourself.  You can grind enough for a few days and store the rest in the refrigerator.  The quality of coffee declines quickly after it is ground, so this way, you will always have fresh, quality coffee to work with. You can easily pick up an inexpensive grinder here.

Use Quality Water

The quality of the water you put in your electric coffee maker will directly affect the quality of the coffee that comes out.  In most of the western world, tap water is fine, and it is best if you have a good filter on the tap.  You can also get an inexpensive pitcher-type filter that will make your water taste better and filter out impurities and give you a great cup of coffee.

Get a Quality Coffee Maker

Finally, the quality of the electric coffee maker itself will influence the coffee that it makes.  Good quality coffee makers are made of durable, quality parts that don’t affect the taste.  On the other hand, poor quality machines can give your coffee a “plastic” taste.  Don’t get the cheapest coffee maker you can find.  Spend a few extra bucks and get a good quality machine that will produce great-tasting coffee for many years.  If you are content with drinking normal coffee most of the time, a regular machine should be fine.  The size of the machine doesn’t matter that much.  Some people think that a large coffee maker is better, but if you routinely brew one or two cups, you probably don’t need one that big.  A quality small coffee machine can make really good coffee, perfect for one or two people.  However, a cappuccino maker is good if you want to brew different coffee beverages sometimes, or if there are a few people who will use the machine with different tastes.